Delivery Package

Free design adapted to customer’s slurry. Free rheology testing.       

Trial at our pilot line before delivery

Engineering to process, high precision manufacture and quality control

In situ installation and commission, lifetime support.


Slot Die Reparation

Slot die as a key part of coating equipment, if wear or bruise occurs in the process of production debugging and maintenance, the precision of coating die head will be reduced, which will affect the precision of coating products and can not meet the standard.

We offer professional coating die maintenance services with deeply knowhow of the coating process, finely study the coating materials, and clear installation method of coating head. 

Keeping development of established complete and effective maintenance program for customers to minimize grinding amount, increase the number of repairable times, and extend the service life of coating die.


R&D Service

We offer our partner full support for the R&D activities. We provide trial coating, process investigation, material finishing, battery sample finishing, battery testing etc., and also the mindset of co-development and trust.