Ultra-high Solid Content Coating


Process & Equipment for Ultra-high Solid Content

Current battery production is highly related with harmful conponds, resulting in a heavy investment in exhaust recovery, energy consumption and product cost. A promised solution, before the mature technology of dry electrode production comes, is increasing of solid content to reduce process solvent. Hence, we have developed a process UHSC to increase the solid content from 70% to ~ 90%, for NMP, TEP or water based NCM cathode.  For anode, the current acchivement is from 45% to 70%. With this solution, we acchieved a reduced cost on recovery unit and energy consumption by more than 50%.

Patented process equipment
Verified by volume production
Further optimization in processing
Complete solution for
slurry mixing and slurry feeding,
de-bubbling and coating
Production speed 80 m/min
Solid content 85 – 90 % (NCM)
Solution for NMP / TEP / water solvents

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